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Mar 28, 2019

James Hawes is a former Navy SEAL who wrote a book that tells of the US's clandestine operations in North Vietnam and the Congo during the Cold War. Most importantly, he discusses hunting Che Guevara in Africa with anti-Communist Cubans and Mercenaries. 

#vietnam #cubans #mercenaries #cheguevara #communism #seal...

Mar 14, 2019

Tom Pecora discusses his life in the CIA, operations in Mogadishu, the Balkans, Sep 11, Afghanistan, Iraq, the Arab Spring, and Benghazi. He is a wealth of information who received an Intelligence Star. Go to the link below and purchase his book. 

Mar 7, 2019

On this episode, I bring on a Vietnam vet who tells a compelling story of his father and grandfather who both fought in WW2 but on opposing sides.  His dad was with the 101st Airborne in Europe and his grandfather flew Stukas for the Germans in Africa, Spain, France, Poland, and on the eastern front. #WW1 #WW2 #101st...